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Customer Testimonials

Gus Mohammadi is an extraordinary mechanic – and much more.Gus is an honest broker. He performs only work that is needed and does so at a reasonable  price. He is meticulous and he stands by his work.

I first was referred to Gus when I had issues with a local dealer.

 He quickly resolved the concern and we closed the first chapter of a long and trusting relationship.

Over the years our relationship has grown. When I first expressed a desire to take my
car to the track, Gus enthusiastically guided me through the process, making
sure that both car and driver were track worthy. He is also the best driving coach I have ever had. Reflecting back years later, I truly value his sage advice. I avoided many common pitfalls and am a much better driver.

As my car ages, Gus has managed to keep it in fine shape. At 160K miles, I finally lost the motor while at the track. A dealer would have sent my car to the junk yard but Gus was up to the task. He proved himself to be much more than a modern day technician. He is a highly intelligent and expert diagnostician, who is able to reason his way through the thorniest of challenges and to solve the problem. Now, at nearly 200K miles, I still drive my old Boxster on the road and the track and I do so with confidence.

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:


I have used Euro Sport Motors for the last four years and have nothing but praise for Gus regarding his workmanship and expertise regarding new and vintage Porsches.

I first started using Euro Sport Motors with my 2009 Cayenne GTS and continue with his services now with my 1989 Carrera 4. Gus did a complete engine rebuild on the Carrera 4 and helped me do a partial restoration of the car, which now looks and drives exceptional.

I am still amazed by his knowledge of not only the 911 line, but of all Porsches.


-Paul Swienton




It has been ten years since we have come to you for guidance and servicing of our Porsches. Ever since "Day 1," we have valued your talent, integrity and honesty - and so much appreciate your ability to explain, in a way we understand, the mechanical and technical issues and condition of our vehicles. It was also great you were recently available to assist us when we sold our vehicle locally, and purchased another vehicle from out-of-state - your ability to evaluate the vehicle and guide us in our purchase offer was on point, and we know, saved us money and certainly gave us peace of mind.

It is a pleasure to do business with and know you and it is our honor to recommend you to our friends.


-Bob and Nancy Leins



I met Gus after my 2001 Porsche 911 was towed to his shop. It felt as if the car was going to blow up just before it stalled and then went to a dead stop. The man who came to tow my car recommended Gus and said he is a great mechanic and a really decent human being. I soon learned both statements are completely true. The battery needed to be replaced and the car needed to be driven. I had not driven the Porsche for almost six months having torn my rotator cuff on my shifting arm. Gus said that my tires had, "lost their shape," due to lack of driving time. He told me to drive the car for a week and see if the steering wheel stopped shaking. To my amazement, Gus was 100% correct. I believe Gus is the finest Porsche mechanic in our area. He listens well, meticulously cares for the cars he services, is reliable, and charges only for the work that needs to be done. Gus is also the first mechanic I have met who says, "I will try and fix that," versus, "That needs to be replaced." A miracle! The best thing about owning my Porsche is knowing Gus will always be here to make sure it is taken care of properly.


-Lisa McPherson Robinson